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hospitality: cordial and generous reception toward guests; the activity or business of providing services to guests in hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.

Quality customer service is more important and appreciated now more than ever by your guests.

Ever since the start of the COVID pandemic, service has taken a back-seat. In some ways it feels like an excuse to not have to provide excellent customer service. Calls in to customer support lines now typically begin with wordy statements regarding their "longer than normal wait times" followed by "your patience is appreciated." Stores and shipping carriers reduce service expectations with warnings that "products are currently unavailable" or "shipments may be delayed during this time." Cordiality between customers and associates has been visibly reduced, in part as a result of the "six-feet" rule and face mask requirements, which limit non-verbal communication and make verbal communication difficult. While the pandemic definitely puts constraints on providing customer service, for those companies, especially in the hospitality sector, this presents an opportunity to shine and stand out by offering superior customer service.

“This pandemic offers an opportunity for those in the hospitality sector to shine and stand out by offering quality customer service.”

Finding ways to go above and beyond for customers will set your property apart from others in the market. Don't let COVID define the experience for your customers. Work within the safe guidelines, but find ways to make each and every visitor to your property feel valued and appreciated. Now is the time to go above and beyond, and it won't go unnoticed.

Recent social media reviews emphasize customer service now more than ever. People writing reviews compliment hotel properties on the smallest details that made their stay extra special. This is a change in trends away from a time when customer service was expected and taken for granted (and where if someone dropped the ball, the hotel was sure to hear about the negative experience all over social media) to a time when quality customer service is highlighted in positive, descriptive reviews.

This trend could be a result of the change in guest dynamics. Most hotel guests during COVID are not business travelers in town for a quick meeting or convention, but rather locals looking for #staycations and ways to escape the monotony of working and spending so much time at home. Other guests are working remotely, enjoying the freedom of being able to work from anywhere.

What these visitor demographics share in common is that they truly appreciate quality customer service more now than ever, especially with service sorely lacking in so many other areas of life. Hotel properties are offering these guests an escape, not just a bed to sleep in. This in turn offers your hotel a way to win easy accolades and great reviews by just simply offering good old fashioned customer service. This is the definition of hospitality.


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