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Inspired Pineapple Launches New Website for Saint John's Resort

Proving once again that guest experiences start long before check-in.

We are proud to announce that Inspired Pineapple, Boutique Hotel Professional’s in-house marketing agency, recently launched a new website for Saint John’s Resort (

Web-based marketing and branding in the hospitality sector is constantly evolving, and, as such, it is important that our clients continue to evolve and grow with it. This new website brings an all new approach to showcasing the entirety of Saint John's Resort resort–highlighting the historic architecture and indescribable qualities that make each guest’s stay at this boutique hotel a profound and unique experience.

Two goals were front and center with this redesign: increase revenues and showcase the property. Underlying our creative process on this website is the philosophy that the guest’s experience begins the moment they start planning. We simplified the entire reservation process for accommodations, weddings, catering events, private dining, restaurant, and golf–making it seamless and efficient. Beyond that, we created a window into what guests will experience upon arrival. We accomplished this through use of video captured throughout the property and presented in a variety of visual styles - including aerial drone footage, detailed interior shots, and 360 video walk-throughs.

The new site is 100% ADA compliant and compatible across all major devices and digital platforms, ensuring that all guests are able to utilize the website. Our systematic approach to every website integrates search engine optimization, accessibility, and inclusivity into the development process. Total ADA compliance, video and audio remediation, and adherence to WCAG 2.1 guidelines is a primary focus from the earliest stages of development on every project we work on. Most importantly, we prioritize creating a platform that is as universally contemporary and relevant as it is functional.

When designing a website for a boutique hotel property, familiarity and ease of use of the website navigation and interface are essential, but doing so while preserving and highlighting the property’s individualistic identity and knowing where to fit in and when to stand out is an art form. This is Inspired Pineapple’s forte.

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