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We're Making Headlines Again

Boutique Hotel Professionals is in the news again, featured in Plymouth Today.

‘People Are Our Priority’
New team operating The Inn at St. John’s iconic resort

A new hotel management company at The Inn at St. John’s is reinventing how to operate luxury boutique properties by putting hospitality workers first.

Below is an excerpt from the article:

Something different

BHP specializes in operating luxury independent hotels and resorts. Their role is to make sure the hotel experience runs smoothly for guests, hotel owners, and associates. What sets BHP apart from other management firms is their focus on career development. “We know that to create great guest experiences requires a great team. That’s why our focus is on attracting and retaining talented individuals,” said Paul Wegert, BHP co-founder and chief executive officer, as well as the longtime managing director at The Inn of St. John’s.

“Young people often overlook the hospitality industry, not realizing the wide array of rewarding and lucrative careers available,” said Jenifer Neptune, BHP co-founder and BHP chief visionary officer. “The industry comes with a lot of great perks, such as amazing opportunities to travel affordably and an extensive family-like network. Our success depends upon our ability to keep talented people in the industry. We do this by providing a solid career track and benefits that really matter to younger workers. Perhaps the most important aspect of BHP is making sure that our associates are truly our priority.”


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