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The new gold standard of hospitality management.

Own~  Manage~  Invest

At Boutique Hotel Professionals, we believe that hospitality is an art form, and there is no template for making a masterpiece.

We specialize in protecting a property owner’s assets and maximizing bottom line profits through creative development, advanced operating principles, attracting and retaining the best and brightest associates, and delivering unique service driven experiences for our guests. 

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Promote Bold Ideas foster a workplace that celebrates innovative thinking among all associates

Committed to Excellence consistent performance process


Honorable we do what's right; not what's easy


Shared Learning communicate best practices throughout all levels of the organization


Promote Diversity throughout the Workforce we are a reflection of the guests we serve


Active and Visible Servant Leadership we put the needs of others above ourselves, and are available to our guests and team


Financial Discipline all team members have agency over financial successes and understand their ability to impact to profitability of their operation


The BHP Way is our core belief and practiced by all associates.

We genuinely care about our guests and colleagues.


The standard is the standard. 


No room for ego and pride.  It’s not who’s right, it’s what’s right.


We provide a safe and secure environment for guests and associates.


We value the diversity of our guests and commit to developing a team that reflects them. 


Everyone is empowered to improve an experience, standard, or efficiency.


“Not my job” is an unacceptable response.


We demonstrate honesty and integrity in every interaction.


We are all responsible for protecting the assets of the business.


CPP is our roadmap to ensure all associates are given, understand, and use the tools available to be a successful contributor to the goals of the organization.

  • Paint a clear picture - everyone throughout the organization knows the goal and how they impact achieving it.

  • Document Expectations

    • Each department has a living manual that reflects its specific and current Standards & Procedures, position job descriptions, and Service Guarantees.

    • Every associate is certified as an expert in their role through testing and demonstration.

    • Manuals are updated and members are trained as new S&P’s are implemented or changes are made. 

  • Measure Performance

    • Service Guarantee compliance is audited daily through a Pass/Fail measurement.

    • Guest Satisfaction Scores reviewed daily and are measured through established benchmark percentiles.

    • Any target deficiency undergoes Root Cause Analysis for immediate resolution

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Featured Property


Boutique Hotel Professionals is proud to manage Michigan's premier resort and conference center, The Inn at St. John's, an AAA four-diamond resort located in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

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